ELA 9-12   Mrs. Marilyn Kreiner-

 Please use "guest" as the password, as a non-member of our class, to access course.  This access is located at the bottom of the sign in page.  

Please overview the CCS from the state of Michigan at www.learnzillion.com

 ELA- Grades 9-12

Content Standards: Students will have access to information regarding their coursework with progress reports and report marking periods.    

This site will contain several avenues to enhance learning.  These will include, but not be limited to, video clips, enrichment lessons that parallel to class instruction, visuals to assist in comprehension, as well as various course related assignments, questions and activities to complete for in class discussions or extension activities.   

This course is designed to help students strengthen essential reading and writing skills, providing them with the extra literacy support they need in order to compete in a Global World. Students will read, respond, and predict outcomes of learning.  Using various modes of communication and learning modalities, students will view and gain information via informational, graphic, and literary texts, as well as online materials that will aid in locating information, identifying main ideas and supporting details, building vocabulary, and developing skills in the application of key technology, used to aid students in their learning.

Parent Letters: Will be distributed and reviewed for class expectations and review of classroom policies during the first contact weeks.