Welcome! This is a High School Earth Science class for 8th grade students. You have the opportunity to earn a high school credit for this class. Topics of study include: Earth Systems, Geologic Time, The Universe, Plate Tectonics/Earthquakes/Volcanoes, & Atmopshpere and Weather.

Welcome to Mrs. Cook's 7th grade Science Class.Â

Mrs. Klaus' 7th Grade Science Course at Holland Woods.

Welcome to Mrs. Misaros's 8th grade earth science course! This website will allow you to keep up to date with the course as well as be able to access any downloads.

Earth Science Online is a blended class (part online, part classroom).

This is the 8th Grade Science Energy Course created by the Troy School District.

This is an online supplement  for classroom lessons , assignments and enrichment for the 7th grade curriculum.